THCKIT3 Standard Seat Climbing Kit Treehog

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The THCKIT3 is a standard seat climbing kit, and is built around the TH7000 fixed seat harness and includes a selection of tree climbing essentials, all packed into one of our popular 70 Litre kit bags. 

The kit comprises

- TH7000 Fixed seat tree climbers harness

- TH1171 3m Wire Core Flip line

- TH118 100cm Cambium Saver

- TH1111 bungee strop

- TH1113 tool strop

- TH1153 eye to eye sling 80cm

- THPUL1 fixed pulley

- TH1198 throw line 50m

- THK002 karabiner, x 2

- THK006 karabiner x 2

- THFA01 first aid kit

- TH1195 PVC Throw Bag



- SS0060 Tree Surgery Warning Sign

- TH4002 70 Litre Kitbag