Lifespan of Products

The lifespan, or 'working life' of any piece of Treehog climbing equipment depends on the nature of its use and how it is cared for.
If a product is cared for well and only given light use, it will obviously last longer than a product which is used heavily and not cared for at all.

The MAXIMUM product life of any Treehog climbing gear is 10 years. This does not mean that a product will last for 10 years, it simply means 10 years from date of manufacturer, the product should be discarded, regardless of its condition.

To establish if a product is still safe to use, it should be inspected by a qualified person (i.e. a LOLER inspector). This inspection should be carried out at regular intervals - and the product should be removed from service immediately if any defects are found.

As stated above, the product should be removed from service 10 years after the date of it's manufacture - regardless of it's condition.

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