Low Friction Rigging Ring

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- Introducing friction at the top of a rigging system is becoming more popular, and the Treehog THRR rigging rings are ideal for this purpose.

- Made from solid CNC aluminium and chemically finished with a black abrasion-resistant coating, the rigging rings can be spliced into a sling by the user.

- By being spliced into a rope, they can be used in many different configurations, one of the main ones being to create an alternative to the standard rigging block.

- By adding more rings into your rigging system, (as redirects on separate slings, or by using multiple rings in one sling) you can introduce more friction into your system.

- There are no mechanical parts to maintain, the rings are very simple to inspect for safety purposes and come in 4 different sizes (see below).

- The smaller THRR rigging rings can even be spliced into retrievable friction savers or other anchor point slings.

Diagram showing dimensions of THRR Rigging Rings

Code A: Outside Diameter B: Inside Diameter  C: Rope Bend Diameter D: Groove Soze
THRR1 40 20  25  12 
THRR2 46 20  60 14
THRR3 54 20 36 16
THRR4 70 28 46 26